Facts and misconceptions about Julian Hosp & TenX

  1. I verifiably did NOT leave the company voluntarily — I was forced out by my ex-partners, Toby Hönisch and Paul Kitti.
  2. I verifiably did NOT conduct an Insider Token Dump, as some had initially claimed, which was further propagated by the media.
  3. I verifiably had NOT and have NOT received any ICO funds.
Long-Form 45 Minute Video Statement — read the summary in this article.

What was your role at TenX, and why did you leave the company?

Many people think that I was only a marketing employee at TenX, while others believe that I was the sole owner. Both of these are incorrect. The truth is, in fact, that there were four co-founders at TenX. Three of us had a stake of between 20–25% each. The remaining 25% were investors and the fourth was a minority shareholder. Each of the co-founders had designated roles in the company. Mine was to oversee marketing and communications, while my other partners, Toby and Paul, handled the technology side.

Why were you kicked out of the company?

EDIT 2022: It seems I was kicked out as Toby Hönisch may have needed the ICO funds to launder the money from his DAO hack, as described here: https://forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2022/02/22/exclusive-austrian-programmer-and-ex-crypto-ceo-likely-stole-11-billion-of-ether/

What happened to the $80 million USD from the ICO?

Of course, I can only speak for the time while I was still with the company — that is, until the end of 2018 (or formally, the beginning of 2019). At that time, we still had the $80 million in the company account, which was also evident in our quarterly transparency reports. After I was kicked out, TenX stopped doing those — why? I don’t know.

Why didn’t you communicate all this earlier?

I believe that I didn’t handle the situation very well. It became a very personal issue for me, having spent such a long time cultivating and growing the company, and I ended up sinking into my shell. For that, I am truly sorry and can only apologize for not proactively communicating my situation with the community. I felt like I had just let everyone down; I was ashamed and just wanted it to be over. I felt helpless.

Time heals all wounds

I would like to say a few final words for all those who may be in a similar situation as I was back then — and to personally bring closure to this past. If there is one thing I could say to my younger self, it would be:

Resources & Evidence

Official TenX Services Announcement



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