Hater & Critics: 10 answers towards criticism against me (Julian Hosp)

Julian Hosp
14 min readJun 11, 2019


Awesome. What I want to do today, I wanna address 10 criticisms, that I get every once in a while, or I see them out there, and most of the time, I don’t respond, because I’m not someone who feeds the troll at all, but I do reflect on some things and I do reflect this thing and think “Hey. Could this be true what should I be thinking about this?” I love getting feedback, so that’s why I do this, but I don’t feed the troll. But then, now I said, you know what? Why don’t compile 10 criticisms, that I seem to be getting every once in a while, it’s very seldom, it’s not very common, but I do, and so I wanna respond to those? So that when you’re watching this, but some of those you might know and you might have seen out there and so you’re like “oh, yeah, Julian has seen those”, and some others, you’re gonna be like “Really? You? that’s very interesting.” And so I wanna come and go through those, I’ve written them all down, so let me go through them. Ten of those, I’m gonna give you my feedback on them, I’m gonna give you my answer, whether you like it or not, that’s up to you, I'm okay with that, but I do feel I do have the right at least once to give you some input on that. So, let’s dive right in and let’s have a look at them.

Very first one: Julian, you have been in an MLM. What about this? That’s true, I have. And contrary to some people who say that I’ve trying to be hiding this, that’s absolutely ridiculous, I have been in an MLM for about two years, it was amongst many, many, many, many other things I did at the time, it was when I dropped out of work as a medical doctor and I wanted to kind of explore the entrepreneur world and I wanted to try everything there was for entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing, online marketing, franchising, I tried many, many, many startups, and I also tried network marketing.

Now, I was in an MLM that turned out to be a scam and I, myself lost a 100.000 dollars, quite a lot of money, money that I saved up from being a professional kite surfer and also from being a doctor, sadly I also hurt some other people, who lost some money, I helped them afterwards, recover most of their funds, that took me quite some effort and I lost some money on top of that and, but yeah, that was very, very important to me. And so, looking back, yes, I definitely true I was part of an MLM, not really sure why people like to take on the past, the past is a nice place, I don’t live there, I have zero interest today in being in an MLM today, whether legit or not legit, so I, again, I don’t have anything against MLMs, It wouldn’t be something that I’m interested in, I learned my great lesson there, I +think a lot of the reasons why I am so careful today in having some companies out there or recommending anything, it’s exactly the point.

Many, Many companies are scams, it taught me so much. And I think many of you have been involved in scams, I know in the crypto space, many many scams. And so, yeah, you kind of know all this, and I lost a lot of money there, so no need to lose more money now, so trying to stay away from that, again if you’re trying to distort me that I was part of an MLM, great, two thumbs up, I give that to you, I learned a lot in there, if that says anything about me today, it says zero. I think many, many people try to attack me, and the only thing they can do is attack the only thing I can’t change is my past. And that’s the entire point around this. So, that’s my answer to the MLM.

Second thing, not so much now anymore, but that was the story of my life for the past years: TenX is a scam. Now, I don’t really understand that criticism at all, if it is about us having raised 80 Million dollars, then yes, I agree, we probably should have raised way less, obviously, looking backward, you always know stuff way better, and you see certain things I do agree with those things, but I think at no point, at least when I was part of it, until the end of last year, was at any point, TenX was close to a scam. Nothing, And now, I cannot answer about this today, I can’t judge that today, honestly I don’t, I know zero what’s going on in the company, I was forced to step down at the beginning of the year, so, but yeah, I just kinda, I really don’t understand that claim, I think it comes a lot from people just kind of throwing stuff at you, being impatient, yeah, I don’t really know what to kind of say other than that. That’S the point. Then obviously, you always are a scam to some degree — when I was forced to step down from the company, I did an exit-scam.

I don’t really understand how you’re gonna do an exit-scam when you’re forced to leave the company, when you don’t know that you’re supposed to step down, when everything is surprising to you, when your co-founder comes to you and says “hey, Julian, you should step down, we have a different vision for how this should be going on.” So, I don’t really understand this. Now, I do understand that there are these mysterious things out there that I was supposed to be selling some tokens before leaving the company, this I have done every single year, this is for, purely for tax purposes, I have the income tax, and most of the income at TenX was paid in tokens. So, I, like, to me, it’s very, very mysterious, also one thing that I just want to highlight: I think, looking back, I lost more money on my income in TenX than I was making, it was ridiculous and that was because the token dropped too much. So, I really, really kinda lost money on everything if you want to call it and I had to kind of fund it in having a good hand in investments. So, just a bit of a shoutout there to all of you who criticized me about that, you have no freaking clue. I wish sometimes that I would be allowed to show you some of the numbers, I think, I mean it wouldn’t shut you up, because I know haters and critics are there to be haters and critics, I’m not gonna change your mind, it’s absolutely fine, but I think it would maybe subconsciously make you work a bit.

Yeah, kind of an interesting point. So, let’s go to the nest criticism. And that is Julian, you have been as wrong as it can be in 2018 with your Bitcoin forecast. And you’re partly right but I think you’re partly wrong. And that is in, for 2018 I forecasted that Bitcoin was gonna drop to 5000, afterward it’s gonna go back up to 50.000. Now, I was spot-on right on my drop to 50.000, I was wrong on the timeline on the 50.000, I was assuming that we were gonna be recovering way faster. Now, why are people blaming me for this? Now, because in the end, I didn’t make Bitcoin drop, I didn’t make it stay down there, people are blaming me because it makes them feel better that it’s not their responsibility, because they have been losing money. They were way too greedy because I got shit when I said at 20.000 that Bitcoin is gonna drop to 5000, everyone was calling me names and was yelling at me, and only very few said “you know what? Julian might be right, let’s sell some coins.” And those who did, they thanked me and they have been thanking me all along, and they have been buying when I said: “hey I am buying again.” But then you have those people who are greedy, who don’t take charge for themselves, who want to point fingers and blame others, and these are people now who are calling and blaming me that my forecast is wrong. My forecast for the fall is not wrong, the timelines are a bit off, I give that to you, but everything else is fine, if you would have just said, when I said “Sell”, and you’d have sold, and you would have bought when I said “Buy”, you would be completely fine. So, that is just not being able to take responsibility for yourself, if I need to be your scapegoat, absolutely fine, if that makes you feel better, go for it, but it’s gonna hurt you in life, I promise you, you need to have way more accountability for yourself.

So let’s keep going. Julian, you’ve just been lucky. I don’t know what you are talking about, all the money you’ve been making, that’s pure luck. And guess what? You’re right. You’re completely right that it was Bitcoin that made me millions and millions of dollars. But here is where you’re completely wrong: it was destined to happen in one of those things. If you look at all the different possibilities and all the different opportunities where I lost tons and tons of money, it’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall. You throw ten spaghetti at the wall, well, the odds are, none of them stick. You throw a hundred spaghetti at the wall, one of them is gonna stick. Which one is gonna stick, no one is gonna be able to tell you. And you’re gonna be calling it luck that that one spaghetti is stuck on the wall. And I give that to you, you’re right. But — it’s not luck that one of them sticks. So, as long as you keep getting up and you don’t lay, keep lying down, at some point you’re gonna win and it’s the [Name] rule, keep swinging and at some point you’re gonna hit the ball. And I think, so many people, they don’t understand that. They put it all on one card, they lose, they get discouraged and they cut all right off. And then, when they see someone else win, they blame it on luck. Where in this individual case you’re totally right. I think some of these startup-founders were very, very lucky, right?

I think that Mark Zuckerberg was successful with facebook and someone else not, a lot has to do with luck, I think that’s even clearer a lot of it has to do with timing, and a lot of factors you can’t kind of influence. So luck plays an important role but those people that work hard and that keep going, they increase their chances of being lucky. So, I give that to you, I was lucky. But that’s your own fault. You could have been lucky as well, you just need to work a bit harder. And I’m not stupid, I don’t play the lottery, I didn’t do any of those things, I like to play my odds the right way, I don’t I fell for my scam, I talk about that so I#m not gonna do it again but many, many people who criticize me do it themselves, so keep point.

Net one: Julian, you got no freaking clue about coding, about programming, you’re just a marketer. Well, that’s not actually correct, even though, let’s say it is, there is nothing wrong with this. If I, if I would break down every business, then actually a business consists of only two things: it consists out of a great solution, that people want and it creates that awareness that has to be marketed to the people. And if you look at the more important skill out of those two, that everyone who comes from the, from the product side says a great product is the key thing. I tell you one thing. Great marketing is at least as important. Great marketing, great branding, great attention is way more expensive than creating a good product. The key out of all these brands out there, be it Tesla, be it Apple, be it, be it, be it, be it — yes, they have a good product, but the key thing is their brand, key thing is their awareness and I’m gonna make a separate video out of all this and it is gonna be how the YouTube Algorithm actually would teach people how to build a very successful business just by following the YouTube Algorithm.

I’m gonna put out this video in a couple of days, so pay attention, subscribe to the channel if you don’t wanna miss it, you’re gonna love this and it’s gonna be a key thing. So, if you’re calling me just a marketer, hey, I’m proud of this, if you don’t see beyond the surface, you don’t see my skills, you don’t see all my knowledge, I’m absolutely fine with this. Because, I’m okay if you just see this one side, that’s gonna be enough, its gonna bring everything really, really far, but that’s a key thing.

But that brings me to another point, especially on YouTube, I get this: Julian, you’re using clickbait titles, stop doing this. You got no freaking clue about how YouTube works, and I am gonna put out a separate video on kind of explaining it. Clickbait — you don’t even understand the term. Clickbait means, that I sell something in the title, where afterward, there’s worthless shit. I never do this. Don’t judge me on the title, judge me on my content. So if you think that my title is clickbait, I do this for a reason. I do this, not to trick you or scam you, I do this because YouTube forces me to do it. I’ll make a separate video on how this works, but right now I’m just telling you, you got no freaking clue because it’s not clickbait. Clickbait means I do something where afterward, there’s just shit. And if you think my content is shit, unsubscribe for the god’s sake. I’m not forcing you to stay here. So, unsubscribe. But judge my content. If you tell me, hey, well, I didn’t like the title but so what? The video was bad or good because of that, that’s valuable feedback. Don’t judge my title. My titles, and I see this in the YouTube Algorithm, are performing really, really, really well, so we’re definitely not gonna change that and I’m gonna explain to you in a separate video why, just kind of study that, understand that. Most of you criticising got no freaking clue , opinion, and everything, clue on nothing. So, yeah, key thing on clickbait.

Next one: Julian, you’re using your doctor title too much. You’re not even a doctor, you’re not a phd. I’m not a phd, I’m a medical doctor, in Austria, that’s just how it works. Why am I using my doctor title? Actually, I use it for the exact same reason as here. There’s a lot, a lot of people who don’t care about my doctor title and they just don’t care. But then you have people who care, and then they use it as their ‘title of the video’, if you want to call it. They look at it and they’re like “okay, this is interesting” and then they look behind it and they realize that there’s a lot of substance behind what I do. But many, many people also have a lot of substance, but they don’t get the attention because their title is not good, and in this case, I’m not talking about the doctor title, I’m talking about the title in general. Awareness, branding and marketing, my friends, is more than 50% of your success. It’s way, way more. Believe me. Branding, reputation, people just don’t understand that. It’s such a key thing. Everything who will understand this game, they understand it, the others, they just fail and they criticise those who have it. That’s a really key point.

So, the doctor title, I just use it as a tool. Whether you like it or not, I don’t really care, to be honest. If you think I’m using it too much, why? Why do you care, so what? I’m, I’ve never tried to trick anyone, with anything. I just use it because it drives conversion, literally. And in this case, with branding. When I’m gonna post up this video, how this works with YouTube, you will understand way more on this.

Julian, you’re selling stuff. Stop selling stuff. Yeah, you’re right, sales cure everything in the business. A business without sales is not a business, it’s a fucking hobby. So, I better be selling stuff for my business. A business needs revenue, a business needs to grow, a good CEO, a good leader of a company drives fucking sales. Anyone that you talk to, anyone, that wants to run a business, doesn’t have a hobby, doesn’t have one of those shitshows, where people actually don’t have a business, these people drive sales. It is so, so, so important. So if you’re criticizing me for selling, I’m just laughing, because it shows me that you have no business, you have no clue, you’re working for someone, who has to do the sales, so the can pay you. Think about that. Key, key, key point.

Last criticism. Julian, you’re so quirky. You’ve got your long hair, your weird accent, you’re moving around your hands too much, you’re talking way too fast. Yes I do, and I’m proud of it, That’s me, that makes me unique, You’re probably just insecure in not being yourself. Because you feel you have to fit into some kind of mold — I don’T This is how I am. Some people love me, some people don’t love me, and that’s absolutely cool. I completely love this. Now, why do I do this? I do this, first of all, because I know some of you, they appreciate me doing this. And some others, you’re gonna stay the haters, you’re gonna be those people who just criticize and wanna destroy other people’s powers, and I can’t change your mind. And that’s absolutely fine and I don’t want to. But I just do it, because guess what? It gives you a job. It gives you something to discuss, It gives you something to criticize. And — I’m quite okay with that. I can deal with that.

And at the end of the day, critics are there most of the time. Because they actually appreciate the person, they actually respect the person, but they understand that they are quite scared by this person, because they might never reach this person, so they try to attack this person, it’s this concept of, how to build the highest tower. You can build the highest tower yourself, but that would mean: you have to step up your game. Most of the time, people build the highest tower by destroying other people’s towers, and then you meet people whose tower you can’t destroy, and then you go for their past, that they can’t change and you kind of ignore that they’re a kind of completely different person today than six years ago. You go for things, that you just kind of spin around, well, because that’s the only way how you can explain your story if you’re not with these other persons. So, on this one hand, I really kind of hope for those of you who are truly interested in this, you got some value out of this and you kind of understand my answers and if it’s not clear, then let me know in the comments down below and yeah, for those that, well, want to stay critics, and they’re gonna stay haters — I’m cool with that. That’s absolutely fine. I actually appreciate you, I say thank you. People who don’t achieve anything in life, they don’t have any haters.

I think Oprah always said that the biggest challenge of being someone is that you have people against you. So, if you don’t want people against you, don’t be someone.

So with this, hope you get value out of this, I hope you like this, give me two thumbs up, subscribe to this channel, click the little bell button, I’m gonna have some great content coming out here, I’m gonna look into the chat really briefly, and yeah, other than that, see you in the next video.

Yours truly, Julian.



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