It’s been over two years since I stopped working at TenX. To put that into perspective, that’s well over 100 weeks, or more than 700 days! So it’s safe to say that I have no longer have any association with the company whatsoever.

Then I saw that TenX recently announced that it will discontinue its services:

Oddly enough, many still associate my name and face with the company, despite the fact that I have no connection with it anymore, and haven’t done in a long time. So as the news trickled out, so did the questions, and further accusations.

In our big Facebook group a few hours ago a member wrote that 34’000€ disappeared from his Atomic Wallet. What happened?

The post office: “Hello, I am addressing you because I am a little desperate. I bought USDT and had it sent to the Atomic Wallet. This was displayed to me as a credit note. After that I tried to convert it to BTC. After about 24 hours the support of Atomic Wallet wrote me that the USDT were fake and so they are gone now. Have you ever experienced or heard anything like this before? After all, it’s close…

The smartphone. No other device can do what it does for the everyday consumer. There is currently no reason why there should not be more smartphones in the future!


Like any technology, smartphones are always developing and making great progress.

The next steps in smartphone development were fully demonstrated last year at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The MWC is important because it showcases the latest innovations from leading technology companies and provides a picture of what is to come in the coming years in the field of apps and platforms.

In 2019, the focus was on phones…

What is Bitcoin Lending?

Bitcoin Lending is a pretty hot topic, because loans secured by cryptocurrencies are becoming a great way for investors, miners, hedge funds and people who don’t have a bank account to improve their finances by earning interest on their own Bitcoin holdings and thus receive passive income.

The concept as a whole is quite simple:

As a lender, you provide bitcoins and receive interest in return.

If you already have bitcoins or any other crypto-currency and HODL them anyway, lending cryptocurrencies is the best way to earn interest on those funds, while benefiting from a potential price increase.

Of course…


8:58 AM. SCT on April 18:
An attacker used a vulnerability in Uniswap and ERC777 to launch an attack.
The partners try to patch it… says everything is ok… Well…

09:28 AM. SCT on April 19:
Tokenlon received a message from about an attack similar to Uniswap that resulted in a large number of abnormal borrowings on the platform.

The capital in dForce dropped by 99.9%!

Comparison of past attacks

This is just one of many attacks in recent months and years:

Central banks are pushing for strict regulation of centralized, privately issued global stablecoins. Fiat-anchored crypto-currencies are being scrutinized based on the recommendations of the Financial Stability Board.

Stablecoins like tether are extremely popular with many people in the crypto sector. Tether has a market cap of approximately $6,370,234,959 and a larger 24-hour volume than Bitcoin. Many use such stablecoins to either send from one exchange to another or to cash out of Bitcoin and Co. without going into the dollar. This has some advantages.

On 14.4.2020, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) published a document dealing with the regulatory, supervisory and…

Over the past few years, Warren Buffett has been extremely careful how he uses his capital. The cash position of his company Berkshire Hathaway just exceeds the market capitalization of more than 450 companies in the S&P 500, more than 80 in the Nasdaq 100 and 11 in the Dow 30.


Tezos certainly stands out from the mass of the many ICO projects of 2017 due to the continuing positive financial development of its token.
This alone makes it interesting to deal with the Tezos project. A look at the basics of the project should help to understand if the chances for a further good development of the project are positive or if there are obvious dangers or bigger obstacles and a lot of Hopiom is involved.

How do experienced investors rate shares? It goes into detail about how a discounted cash flow analysis works. The discounted cash flow (DCF) method is used to determine the value of the company. In this context, the term discounted cash flow already makes it clear that the enterprise value results from the discounting of cash flows. The DCF procedures belong to the overall valuation procedures within the methods of enterprise valuation.

In the video, I first discuss how important it is to consider the value of an investment and not just look at the price. …


If you watch the video of Charles Hoskins — founder of Cardano — in which he explained the Cardano project in a whiteboard session in 2017, it becomes clear that this is not a simple “we do everything better than XY” project. No, Cardano is a completely new approach in many ways.

Cardano describes itself as a 3rd generation platform and wants to significantly improve those things that have been identified as shortcomings in 1st generation (Bitcoin — decentralized money) and 2nd generation (Ethereum — smart contracts) blockchain platforms. …

Julian Hosp

I build @CakeDeFi and I love @DeFiChain, EU Blockchain Advisor, Angel Investor, Washington Bureau Speaker, 5x Bestselling Author, Ex-Pro-Athlete, Ex-Medical-Doc

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