The smartphone. No other device can do what it does for the everyday consumer. There is currently no reason why there should not be more smartphones in the future!


Like any technology, smartphones are always developing and making great progress.

The next steps in smartphone development were fully demonstrated last…

Central banks are pushing for strict regulation of centralized, privately issued global stablecoins. Fiat-anchored crypto-currencies are being scrutinized based on the recommendations of the Financial Stability Board.

Stablecoins like tether are extremely popular with many people in the crypto sector. Tether has a market cap of approximately $6,370,234,959 and a…


Tezos certainly stands out from the mass of the many ICO projects of 2017 due to the continuing positive financial development of its token.
This alone makes it interesting to deal with the Tezos project. …

Julian Hosp

I build @CakeDeFi and I love @DeFiChain, EU Blockchain Advisor, Angel Investor, Washington Bureau Speaker, 5x Bestselling Author, Ex-Pro-Athlete, Ex-Medical-Doc

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